Creating a Customized CD for Your Brand

If you are looking for a unique marketing and sales tool to enhance your brand, then we have it. A customized CD made specifically to match your brand and products.

We create original music based on your particular brands needs. We have a variety of musical styles and looks for the CDs, to make sure they are customized  to your needs. Custom CDs need to be this customized for your brand, otherwise they won’t have the full effect that you want.

This is the perfect sales and marketing piece for Spas, resorts, wineries, hotels, or any lifestyle brand. We have created CDs for such diverse brands as Robert Mondavi Wines through to Fed Ex couriers, not to mention custom spa CDs for some of the world’s top Resorts, Spas and hotels.

All of our music is fully owned and created by us which gives you the ability to rename the tracks to suit your products and the peace of mind of not having to worry about copyright issues.

All of our custom CDs are professionally created and mastered in our studio, performed by talented musicians, and engineered to sound great.  We can have our own graphic artists design an amazing cover, CD face and overall packing to enhance your brand image and just look great. Alternatively if you already have your own designers, we can work with them on how to make an amazing looking piece and make sure that everything is printed to you brand standards, to give you piece of mind.

For more information on how to create custom cd for you brand or products please leave you name and email below.