Spa Sounds

Spa music is a big factor in creating the mood of a spa. It helps create the atmosphere which allows for people to relax  enjoy their treatments and be taken away from outside world.

Having designed the music for some of the worlds most well known spas, we are in the position to create the perfect spa music for your spa.

Whether its exotic music with an Asian twist through to middle eastern flavors, to the pure peaceful tranquil sounds, we have the music to match your spa.

Using our specially designed custom CDs and packaging, we allow you to create a marketing/branding piece that will not only look great, but will be viewed and listened to many times over by your customers. Each time they listen to the music they are reminded of the experience they had in your resort or spa.

Like all our Branding and private label CDs, we customize the both the packaging and look to match your Spa and any other Spa products you are currently selling.

These beautiful Spa CDs can be be sold in your spa, used to promote your spa or can be packaged with your high end spa treatments to increase sales and profits.

When putting you Spa’s CD together we will work with you to select the correct music from our extensive catalog of music. Our whole aim is to make sure that we represent your brand and services in the best way possible.

Anantara Collection CD Anantara-Spa-CD



To listen to some of our wonderful Spa Music please fill in your name and email and we will guide you to a page with some examples.

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To find out more about how we can make a spa music cd for your spa please contact us and we can show you how these CDs can help to enhance your spa and its overall brand.

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