The Massage Music Collection is specifically designed to give the brain a mental massage every time that it is listened too. It uses a unique combination of soothing melodies and harmonic beds with low frequency stimulation that is proven to create alpha waves in the listeners brain.

The Massage Music Collection is often used to go along with a specific type of massage thus the different parts of the music will create different emotions and take the listener on a journey as they go throw the relaxing massage.

These CDs are normally given to the customer at the end of their massage and it not only reminds them of their experience in your spa, but brings them back for more.

These pieces are designed specifically to match the type of massage and the spas surroundings.

To listen to some of the Massage Music please fill in your name and email and we will guide you to a page with some examples of our massage music.

Anantara Collection CDAnantara-Spa-CD




To find out more please contact and we can show you how these CDs can help to enhance your spa and its overall brand.


Launched in Mid 2009 is our new Ayurvedic Music Collection. We are excited to be the first Music company in the world to have a fully certified Ayurvedic catalog.

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