How to pick Spa Music for your Spa

by samwit on October 1, 2009

One of the biggest challenges owners and operators miss when running a Spa is selecting the right music to match the mood and ambience of their Spa. Spa music and spa sounds are such a strong factor in creating the overall feel of your spa.

Here are some key things to think about.

1. Is your Spa representative of a unique genre?

Some Spas are aimed at an Asian feel while others try to emphasize nature and earthiness. If you Spa does have a Unique Genre that it is going after, then make sure that the music is custom made to fit that genre. An African style Spa is not going to work with Asian sounds and vice versa.

2. Ambient or Prominent?

There are 2 main approaches with spa music, one is to make it very much felt more than heard and the other is to feature it prominently, almost as a center piece of what the spa represents. Both ways are very effective as long as the right music is matched to the right strategy. This goes not just for one piece of music, but a whole collection that should match your goals.

3. Music with the treatments?

Another factor to take into account is are you going to feature the music in treatments? Some of the finest Spas in the world have realized that one of the best ways to feature music is to build certain treatments around the actual music, so that as the music changes it is timed to coincide with other parts of a treatment. This often makes the effect of the treatments much more relaxing and thus more powerful overall.

4. Is it branded to you?

Last thing you want is the music in your spa being the same as every other spa out there. You are creating a brand for your spa and many studies have proven music is a key factor in reinforcing a brand in the customers mind. When selecting your music you want to make sure it matches the rest of your brand in every way possible. Is it relaxed and subtle or hip and modern, this must be taken into when you select the music.

5. Variety.

Very simply don’t have the same track on repetition all day, just because you like it. As silly as this sounds it is amazing how many spas actually do this. It will drive your staff crazy and also in the long run it will drive your customers crazy and away from your spa.

6. Can you sell it?

The final element to think about when you are selecting music for your spa is can you sell that music. People often ask what is the music that you are playing (HINT: if they aren’t asking you have the wrong music ), this provides the perfect opportunity for you to sell it to them. These sales can provide a new income stream that perhaps you had never thought of allowing you to make up to a 600% return on the price of the CD. These CDs can then also be bundled with your high end treatments allowing you to increase the up-sell of those.

If you stick to these 6 tips you will not only have the right spa sounds for your spa, but you will also be on the way to keeping customers coming back and increasing your profits.


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