Listening to the right spa sounds and its’ benefits

by editor on April 7, 2010

zensandStress and tension can cause our bodies to tense up and get ready for physical action that may never occur. This fight or flight defense mechanism that is instinctive in us causes our bodies to remain in an indeterminate state of stress when there is no physical release immediately after this response of our autonomic nervous system. This means that since there is no physical action there is also no relief from the built up stress and this will inevitably result to muscles becoming stiff and rigid.

A spa treatment is one of the most pleasant ways of alleviating the tension that can accumulate in your body and mind. Getting a massage will make you familiar with the tension that comes with a fast and active way of life. Getting massaged and pampered in a classy and sophisticated spa will certainly improve your mood and release the stress you are under but you have to be in a relaxed state for the treatment to have its full positive effect. If you are not able to get into a relaxed condition the massage therapies might not have the positive result it otherwise can have.

Listening to the proper music can produce really spectacular results in your mood. The right music takes your mind of the sources of stress and tension and insulates you from your daily life. A good ambiance with the right music can really take your mind off your concerns. When you are relaxed and serene, you will have a more holistic attitude that can give your body the direction to the proper path in being rejuvenated.

As a spa operator, it is quite essential to have the proper music to achieve the necessary ambiance. This is true especially in themed spas. Playing music that is not suitable can just add another source of stress and annoyance for your customers instead of insulating them. When your customers come and instead of getting what they came for, they might leave feeling more stressed and therefore dissatisfied. In this event they will not want to come back to your spa and instead of retaining a customer you might lose on just because of inappropriate music. Indeed you may become the recipient of negative publicity because of this occurrence. In this age of the internet where anything can become viral and reach enormous numbers of people, this is an occurrence you want to avoid.

To avoid the risk of playing the wrong music in your spa, your best recourse is to go to a professional music provider where you can commission your own spa sounds and spa music CDs. you can have your own private label spa music CD that is specifically designed to augment the ambiance of your spa. This fully customizable CD has the added benefit of freedom from copyright issues because you also own all the rights to this custom CD compilation. This might even provide an additional income stream for your spa when customers decide to purchase copies of your branded CDs.


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