The Right Spa Sounds

by editor on April 8, 2010

spaPeople who go to spas want to indulge themselves and forget the worries and concerns of their lives for the moment. They want to unwind in a peaceful, soothing, and serene ambiance. Music has recently become an essential part of spa treatments and it has become so customary that we can hardly imagine a classy spa without soothing and relaxing music on the sound system. Discriminating customers will not be satisfied with their spa experience unless the appropriate music is part of their experience.

Music has assumed a major role in the conception of the ambiance of spas. The constant quest by spa operators for more effective relaxation treatments have turned them to a traditional healing method practiced thousands of years ago in India. Ideas for spa sounds have been inspired by the tones of Ayurvedic healing therapies. Spa operators have found insights in the practices of Ayurveda. It is now an acknowledged fact that music has measurable effects on our bodies and minds. Relaxation, decreases in heart rate, increased concentration are some of the benefits that have been documented when distressed individuals are exposed to the right kinds of music.

One of the essential things that customers want to find in a spa is the atmosphere or the ambiance. The cool colors, comfortable lighting, tranquil surroundings, and relaxing music set the stage for a complete rejuvenation. One of the indispensable ingredients in establishing the proper atmosphere in your spa is the music. Fitting music soothes and relaxes and puts your customers in a state that will enhance and augment the effects of the treatments being administered. Music is a further sensory input that will insulate the customer from the stressful reality of his lifestyle. The appropriate spa music mixed with natural spa sounds will encourage tranquility and serenity in your customer.

Playing just any old pop song in your spa might not be the best thing for your spa business. Your spa music and spa sounds needs to be proper and appropriate. What is the right Spa Sounds then? The kinds of music you need to have will depend on the décor and theme of your spa. It would be inappropriate to have classical music playing in an oriental themed spa. It would be incongruous to your discriminating customers. By the same standard, you can’t be playing oriental music in a Swedish themed spa.

Where can the operator of a classy spa find the proper music? The best alternative for the spa operator is to go to a professional music provider who will have the wherewithal and manpower to provide you with a high quality spa music recording with excellent and suitable content. Furthermore they will have artists that can design an attractive cover for your custom CD making this set a fitting representation of your classy spa and eventually for your brand.


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