What are Spa Sounds?

by editor on April 6, 2010

musicThe history of music therapy dates back from Ancient Greece where Hippocrates, also known as the father of modern medicine, used it extensively to treat patients in a distress and those suffering from psychological pain. The Old Testament also tells of a story of King David curing illnesses through his mastery of playing the harp. If that was not music therapy then what is? Physicians in ancient Egypt also used music to reduce the pain of childbirth. Indian legends also mention Thyagaraja, a famous and expert south Indian musician whose is said to have sung the dead back to life.

In our modern and enlightened times music therapy is now accepted as a health care method that can improve quality of life, manage stress, soothes pain, enhances memory, improves behavior, and promotes over all wellness. Even before we are born we are already exposed to more kinds of sounds and music that our forebears never were exposed to. Infants and newborns have been proven to be responsive to different kinds of music. It is a fact that music has a certain undeniable physiological effect.

This physiological effect is what will benefit you as a spa operator. The ambiance in a sophisticated spa is one of the first features of your spa that will draw the attention of any customer or a prospective customer as soon as they enter your premises. The ambiance is a result of several aspects that make up the total ambiance. Colors that is pleasantly cool to the eyes, agreeable ambient temperature, delightful odors, and one of the most important facet, is the appropriate music. All these are factors that need to come together can be undone when just one of the major factors is out of sync with the rest. All your previous planning will come to nothing and your ambiance may not have the desired effect.

spaThe spa music and spa sounds usually played in sophisticated spas is most often a private label compilation that has been commissioned by a spa operator for the particular requirements of their particular spa. The chief advantage, besides the required content of a private label, is your freedom from copyright and intellectual property issues. This means that the content of these spa music CD compilations is licensed for the use of the spa operator in his spa and can be sold or used as giveaways or promotional tools by the licensed party.

The best place to obtain a custom CD spa music compilation from is a reputable and professional music provider. They can also give the assurance of a product that is uniformly high in quality beginning from the CD cover up to and including the content and the quality of the music. The high quality of the content and of the production will eventually become so identifiable to your customers that it will become the signature music of your spa and your brand in the same way a jingle in a popular commercial is the most identifiable part.


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